Sunday, July 27, 2014


And We Watched It Happen
By Patricia Moloney Dugas
With all that humanity has experienced, we find ourselves in disgrace. Look at ourselves. Were we all created flawed?  Diminished?   Or, indeed, did we arrive imbued with divine wisdom and knowledge that became flawed by the societies and beliefs we have chosen to embrace? Here is where our world stands now.

ISIS invading Iraq     Violence beyond measure.  Massacres. Videos of their gruesome atrocities.  Supreme destruction beyond human endurance.  And yet we endure. We are not there.

Their inhumanity should have set the world on fire!   How have these shameless marauders gained such unbelievable power?  Because there is no other force to stop them.  If not for humanitarian reasons, than materialistic self-preservation should persuade us to intervene.

This is not a holy war    This is savage hatred – the basest of human emotions. The astounding abuse and disregard for women and children is beyond all human comprehension.  The sadistic crushing of all that is feminine in their cultures only exacerbates unbridled masculine war carnage.
No longer can we accept the age-old excuse that these tribes have been at war for centuries fueled by a clash of ideologies. These ‘beliefs’ are a contrivance that allows them to wreak vengeance – in the name of a brutal god that demands savage brutality.   In truth, their motive is secular – a re-structuring of the Middle East with ancient traditions that contradict all that mankind has achieved in its struggle for human equality.  This will only serve to drive the Middle East back into the dark ages. Women and children, their only hope for salvation, will again be crushed.

A world of Refugees    In Africa as well as the Middle East, there are millions of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries and living in unbearable confinement.  They had to flee for their lives in fear of the irrational savagery of these marauders.  Will they ever be able to go home? Is there left a home, a country, a government that has not been ravaged and plundered?  By all that is ‘Good and Pure and Holy’ with today’s shared knowledge and wisdom, why is the world turning so primitive and brutal?  Are we our brother’s keeper or adversary?

In Nigeria, the Boko Haram continues unabated their radical Islamic reign of terrorAgain, women and children under siege as pawns.

In our own Western Hemisphere:    “Organized crime has taken over Mexico and Central America,” said the former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon on the Amanpour program.  “60,000 murdered. Vigilantes taking over,” he continued.

Unheard of in human history, thousands of child refugees from Central America are flooding unabated across the southern borders of the United States to escape the exaggerated violence of the drug wars. Not religion this time, but drugs to feed the free world’s appetite for anesthetics. To feel good while Rome burns?

Global Blindness       In the face of all this, the cowardly impotence of Congress, the United Nations, the European Union, and the Western free nations, some harboring disenchanted sympathizers, only serves to empower these terrorists.  And they are laughing in our faces.

Our Own Internal Terrorists      Our own house is riddled with extremists — those politicians, parties, and obstructionists who are blinded by political, racial, and sectarian hatred­, all fueled by the destructive news media.  They want so badly for Obama to fail, they are blind to the effect their dangerous rhetoric is having on our image abroad as the leaders of the free world.

This is a Global Emergency  There is a collective evil greater than any time in world history. Is it possible to change the course of human history?  Take notice.
The European Union mobilized with incredible speed when Putin, breaking international law, annexed Crimea and then amassed troops on the border of Ukraine with the full intention of pulling that nation back into the Soviet Union. The solid power of the collective EU halted Putin in his tracks by non-military means. They used the language of economic deterrence.

A Solid Coalition of Western Powers is the Answer – a force committed to world stability – with an active and readied military – would create an effective deterrent to those who would invade and brutalize their neighbors.  National leaders such as those deposed in the Middle East can no longer rise to the tyrannical power that has ruled throughout human history.  Only the free nations can lead the way.

Our moment in history     There is a negative energy permeating the world’s very atmosphere, spreading toxic global anxiety. Social Media drones on and on.  We can no longer escape the terrorism mushrooming on every continent on our tenuous planet. Our logic, our rationality, our humanity seems to have been drained away and buried in the trash we have made of our home.  There is no spirit, no honesty, in our pitiable attempts to stop the decline. We may no longer have the time or the ability to heal our planet.

The human soul has always seemed to believe in a creator, a force greater than ourselves.  Have we become so jaded by our non-compliance with the divine and natural law, that we cannot find our way back?

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer in Palm Springs.


What Is Happening Now...

The world is committing suicide and we can only watch it happen.

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The blindness of our leadership - worldwide - is what is the most frightening.

The bottom line for them is economic - but they don't seem to realize that the world economic stability is about to crumble - just because of their blindness.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You and I , we have a job to do.

Yes, we need to put our heads together and sort out the mass media litter from what is really happening, and what is really true.

It appears we will no longer hear the real truth from Washington, the cable news networks, and the extreme bias on most political web sites, emails, and radio shows.

They have clearly lost their way, and before serious public repercussions occur, we had better take careful consideration of our part in all this malaise.

We need to rediscover our own ability to discern what is truly happening, how it will affect us, and what to do about it.

With the Social Media sites available to all of us now, we can make ourselves heard. We have a responsibility to step in and make a difference.

I hope to give you insights into the other side of the news we are fed from Congress, the media, and radio talk show hosts.

Stay tuned and join in the discussion.

Patricia Moloney Dugas, Societal Tamperer
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